Abiquo 5.1

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Role name

The name of the role. Local roles in different enterprises can have the same names


The enterprise that a local role belongs to

Make this role global

To create a global role that can be used in all enterprises, mark the Make this role global checkbox.

Allowed CIDRsOptional: to create a default list of network addresses from which users with this role can access the platform, enter Allowed CIDRs. You can also set allowed CIDRs for a scope. The user will inherit the role and scope CIDRs. Any allowed CIDRs set directly for the user will have priority over these inherited allowed CIDRs.

External Roles

The corresponding external roles, e.g. LDAP group, for the user.   Required in external authentication modes (openid, ldap). A user's external roles must map to a single role (local or global). See  LDAP and Active Directory Integration  and  Abiquo OpenID Connect Integration. You can also set external scopes.