Abiquo 5.1

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Optional description of the user account, maximum 100 characters

Public keySSH key for secure access to VMs. Add this key before you create your VMs
Allowed CIDRsTo restrict user access, enter the allowed network addresses in CIDR format. This network address will have priority inherited allowed CIDRs. Requires the Manage user allowed CIDRs privilege. By default users can access the platform from any IP address.
Inherited allowed CIDRsIf the user does not have allowed CIDRs, and the user's role and/or scope have CIDRs, then the platform will display the allowed CIDRs that apply to the user, which are inherited from the role and/or scope.
Reset password on next login

If this checkbox is selected, the user must reset their password the next time they log in.


If this checkbox is selected, the user account is active and the user can log in.