Abiquo 5.1

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You can modify the following fields if there are no virtual machines deployed in the network.



The name of the private VLAN

GatewayIPv4 only. The gateway of the network. Make sure the gateway is an IP address inside the range defined by the network address and the network mask
Static routesClick the Manage button to create static routes. See Configure Static Routes using DHCP for Private Networks
Default networkMake this network the default network, overriding the enterprise-datacenter default, and replacing the auto-created private VLAN called "default_private_network". See #Default Virtual Datacenter Networks

You can modify these fields at any time but the changes will only apply to virtual machines deployed after the changes are made.


Primary DNS

The address of the primary DNS server for your network

Secondary DNSThe address of the secondary DNS server for your network

DNS suffix

The DNS suffix for your network