Abiquo 5.0

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You can modify the following fields if there are no VMs deployed in the network.


Network name

The name of the unmanaged VLAN

GatewayIPv4 only. The gateway of the network. It must be an IP address inside the range defined by the network address and the network mask


Enter the VLAN tag for this VLAN and check its availability

Network service typeSelect the Manage Network Service Types, which represents a Network Interface on the hypervisors
EnterpriseSelect the owner enterprise that will use the unmanaged VLAN
RestrictedSelect to create a Restricted network. To work with IPs in a restricted network, users require the privileges to Attach NICs in restricted networks and/or Detach NICs from restricted networks

You can modify these fields at any time but the changes will only apply to VMs deployed after the changes are made.


Primary DNS

The address of the primary DNS server for your network

Secondary DNSThe address of the secondary DNS server for your network

DNS suffix

The DNS suffix for your network