Abiquo 5.1

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In private cloud, you can edit storage tiers. In public cloud, the platform automatically imports all tiers and all enterprises can use them.

NameName of the storage tier
DescriptionA brief description of the storage tier
Storage Allocation PolicyAllocation method for assigning external storage volumes to pools. See Storage Pool Allocation. Overrides the abiquo.storagemanager.storageMethod property set for the whole Abiquo platform in Abiquo Configuration Properties
Allow access to this tierThe tier will be allowed for any enterprise that is created while this box is checked. When editing enterprises, you can allow or prohibit tiers for the datacenter. You can change the configuration on the Enterprise Access tab or by editing the Enterprise (under an Allowed Datacenter on the Tiers tab).
EnableEnable or disable this tier. Disabled tiers are displayed in light gray in the datacenter Tiers tab. You cannot disable a tier if it contains volumes. Disabled tiers cannot be used.