Abiquo 5.1

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The friendly name of the VM.

Fully qualified domain nameTo change this value in a deployed VM, make the change directly in the operating system


The number of CPUs. Read-only value with hardware profiles.

Cores per socketThe number of cores per socket. The number of CPUs must be divisible by the number of cores per socket. The maximum value is 32. Not displayed when hardware profiles are used.


The amount of RAM. Select MB or GB. Read-only value with hardware profiles.

Enable Remote AccessIf you disable remote access, the configuration will remain but you cannot access it via the eye icon. 

Remote access

If Remote Access is enabled, the Remote Access IP and Port may be displayed.

Remote Access Password

To open the remote access window to your VM from the eye button on the control panel, you must enter this password. By default Abiquo will generate a random password for your VM. To change the password, enter a maximum of 8 characters that are alphanumeric characters only, i.e. [a..z][A..Z][0..9]. 

If you delete the password, the screen requesting the password will not appear. On ESXi hypervisors, if you set a password and later delete it, the password will be blank, not null. The screen requesting the password will appear, and you should press <Enter> to continue.

If the VM is deployed when you change the password, the change will be applied when you save the VM.

Show passwordOptionally mark the checkbox to display the remote access password
SSH user / passwordThe default user and password from the VM template

VM Keymap

ESX/ESXi only - If Remote Access is Available, you can select the keyboard type for remote access through the eye button for ESXi hypervisors


A description of the VM

Hardware profileIf your provider uses hardware profiles, you can change the hardware profile for the VM
CreatedRead-only date and time that the VM was created