Abiquo 5.1

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Administrators can set repository limits to restrict usage of Apps library disk space (NFS repository storage) for an enterprise and for an enterprise in a datacenter.  When users perform repository operations, the platform tests repository limits as described in the following table, adding the size of the disks or the estimated size of the disks to the currently used space.

OperationLimits AppliedNotes
Templates added by enterprise(tick) 
Instances created by enterprise(tick)

Estimated instance size is based on the template disk size in the Abiquo database.
A tenant's users may exceed the limit by creating multiple simultaneous instances or using real disks that are larger than the size in the database.
The platform will not allow users to create more instances after the limit is exceed and the provider will bill users for real repository usage.

Conversions to other hypervisor formats(error)Users cannot control the number of conversions
Public cloud and Docker templates(error)These are not stored in the Abiquo repository
Shared templates belonging to the enterprise(tick) 
Shared templates belonging to another enterprise(error) 
Promoted templates(tick)A copy of an existing template is made
Capturing a VM(error)Limits are not tested during capture because no template is added to the repository at this time.
Any VM template operations based on a captured machine (e.g. instances) are tested
Unavailable (Deleted) templates(error)Unavailable templates do not have a disk file, so they are not counted in repository limit calculations


Examples of creating instances

For example, an enterprise has an NFS hard limit of 500 GB and a soft limit of 475 GB in a datacenter. They have used 481 GB and received a message about exceeding the soft limit. A user belonging to the enterprise creates an instance. The template disk for the VM being instanced occupies 18 GB. However, the real size of the VM disk is 22 GB. The instance creation succeeds because the used space plus the template disk size is lower than the limit. But the Enterprise has now exceeded their hard limit (502 GB > 500 GB), so they cannot create any more instances.

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