Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.0 introduces an improved OpenStack Neutron integration for KVM with full support for VM firewalls and Abiquo KVM now runs on CentOS 7.

Abiquo networking devices were designed to support the flexible use of different SDN systems by different Abiquo enterprises, however, there is a constraint for the standard usage of KVM hypervisors in Abiquo. Each KVM hypervisor can only point to one Neutron device but it can be shared by multiple enterprises in the datacenter. So for KVM there are two possible configurations:

  • Recommended: when all enterprises will use Neutron, create a single global device for all enterprises that configures a single Neutron system
  • Alternative: when some enterprises will use Neutron, create a device for each enterprise that will use Neutron, configuring the same shared Neutron system.

The following diagram shows the network configuration for KVM with OpenStack Neutron.

See Configure the Neutron integration

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