Abiquo 5.0

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A one page summary report that uses the Abiquo accounting data to help visualize system growth over a specified time period. It charts the growth of the Abiquo system for a time period, and highlights the system growth. percentage. And it charts key individual accounted metrics to show their individual growth over the period (vCPU, Memory, Hard Disk, External Storage, VLAN, Public IP, VM count by Hypervisor type).

Input Parameters

The input parameters are described in the following table.





Start Date

The beginning of the date range for the report

Default start date is the first day of the previous month.

End Date

The end of the report date range for the report. The report uses data for all the days up to but not including this date

Default end date is the last day of the previous month?

Report Content

This report is a series of charts:

Overall Resource UsageA simple count of all accounting resources combined.The Growth % is calculated using the data from this chart using the beginning and end values for the report date range
Virtual Machine CPUsThe average daily accounted total VM CPUs 
Virtual Machine RAMThhe average daily accounted total of VM RAM 
Virtual Machine Hard DiskThe average daily accounted amount of VM Hard Disk. 
VLANsThe average daily accounted VLANs.   Note, this is accounted VLANs and therefore excludes public and external VLAN usage. 
Public IPsThe average daily accounted amount of VM RAM. 
Storage VolumesThe average daily accounted amount of External Storage Volume reservation (irrespective of volume usage). 
VMs by Hypervisor

The average daily number of Accounted VMs, broken down by Hypervisor type.


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