Abiquo 5.1

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In the platform, enterprises are cloud tenants, meaning they are groups of cloud users with their own logical resources. For each tenant, you can assign access to infrastructure and resources.

For example, for a service provider the enterprises will be customers of the cloud service (including resellers), and for an enterprise creating a hybrid cloud, the enterprises will be departments, project teams or cost centers. 

The Cloud Admin controls which datacenters the enterprise can access. This enables them to exert more control over the Infrastructure. And the administrator can create the VDCs for the tenant with location names so they can know where their applications and data are running.

To create controlled self service, the administrator uses Allocation limits. These define how much of the compute, storage and networking resources the Enterprise can consume. The Cloud Admin can also exert granular control by defining allocation limits at the level of a datacenter, or even a virtual datacenter. Tenant Admins can also set limits for virtual datacenters. This can be taken a stage further in private cloud, where the Cloud Admin can reserve physical infrastructure for an enterprise.

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