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A resource scope is a list of enterprises whose users can access a resource, if they have the other required permissions. To share a resource with enterprises, administrators select a set of scopes to assign to the resource. The users of the enterprises listed in the scopes can then access the resource.

Scopes for VM templates and VApp specs

The administrator can use scopes to share VM templates and VApp specs.

Changes to scopes in 4.0

The administrator can manage shared templates and specs with scopes if they have the Allow user to switch enterprises privilege and administrator access to the resource in the enterprise that owns it. The administrator can share a template or spec with their own scope, other available scopes, or a child scope in their hierarchy.

To share a template:

  1. Access the owner enterprise
  2. Go to Apps library → select datacenter or public cloud region → Edit template
  3. Add one or more available scopes
    • The global scope means that users from all current and future enterprises can access this template.

To share a spec:

  1. Create a spec or edit a spec in the owner enterprise
  2. Add one or more available scopes. 

Scope hierarchy example

An example scope hierarchy may include many levels. For example, a platform owner, resellers, customers, and departments.

In this case, the platform owner may manage global administrator users in their own scope. And then they may share templates and specs with other levels, for example, resellers and customers.

If the customers create their own scope hierarchy for their departments, then customers can share resources with the departments by scope. 


Resource scope summary

Q: Which administrators can edit templates or specs? 

A: Administrators in the owner enterprise (creator) with permissions to administer other enterprises

Q: How can admins share resources to users of other enterprises?

  • Assign scopes
  • Abiquo reads the list of enterprises in the scopes and allows users from these enterprises to use the resources
  • Administrators can share templates with scopes in their own scope and scopes below their scope in the scope hierarchy tree

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