Abiquo 5.2

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Azure ARM Features table

Abiquo supports the Azure ARM features described in the following table.

Obtain Microsoft Azure ARM credentials and add to Abiquo

Abiquo supports several different types of Azure ARM subscriptions.

How Abiquo works with Microsoft Azure ARM

Abiquo creates virtual datacenters that correspond to virtual networks in Azure ARM.

Diagram of correspondence between Abiquo entities and Azure ARM entities

The virtual network in Azure will have the same name as the VDC in Abiquo. The private network in Azure will have the same name as the private network in Abiquo.

Diagram of how Abiquo creates a VDC in Azure ARM

When the user creates a VDC, they can specify the address space of the virtual network. The user can create, onboard, and delete address ranges. See Manage address ranges.


Sometimes when you deploy a VM in Azure, the platform may display the VM in the locked state for longer than expected. This is because Azure sometimes does not return information about VM disks as expected. This may occur when you deploy one VM by itself. A workaround is to create a volume, and you do not need to attach the volume to a VM.


Abiquo supports private IPs in Azure as follows:

  • If you deploy a VM with more than one private IP, a NIC is created for each IP. The number of supported NICs depends on the size of the VM 

  • You cannot reconfigure a deployed VM to attach another private IP from a different subnet.

In Azure, every VM must have at least one private IP address. And to add a public IP address, you must have a corresponding private IP address.

Abiquo represents every IP address separately, so you cannot reorder Azure NICs in Abiquo.

Resource groups

Availability sets


Users can create VPNs to Azure Virtual Networks.  


Abiquo supports Azure Managed Disks.

Deallocate or Power off a VM in Azure 

In Azure ARM, the Abiquo options to shut down or power off a VM become the options to power off or deallocate a VM. 

Azure firewalls

Abiquo supports firewall policies, which are Azure Network Security Groups. 

Azure load balancers

Abiquo supports Standard SKU and Basic SKU load balancers.

Filter Azure templates by publisher

Configure default credentials for VMs in Azure

Optionally configure polling and timeouts

As for other public cloud providers, you can optionally configure the VSM polling frequency.