Abiquo 5.2

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To make changes to a physical machine:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → select a datacenter → Servers view
  2. In the Servers list, open a rack and select a server, then click the pencil Edit button
  3. Click Check to update the state of the server in the platform
  4. Make your changes and click Save

Change network interfaces on servers

  • Abiquo won't discover the new NIC's of a physical machine automatically on its periodic checks. In order to detect new network interfaces you should force the NIC refresh on the hosts via an API call.

  • You cannot change the network service type assigned to an interface if there are VMs deployed with virtual NICs using addresses in the network. 
  • To change a network service type, first remove it from the existing interface by setting this to "Not assigned". Then assign the network service type to a different interface. 
  • To disable a NIC so that it cannot be used in the platform, select "Not assigned".
  • To save the physical machine, you must select at least one network interface.

Add an additional datastore

If you require more disk capacity on a hypervisor, you can add a new datastore:

  1. Outside the platform, on the server and in the hypervisor, configure the disk
  2. Edit the server 
  3. Go to General Information and click "Check" to check the state of the machine
  4. Go to Datastores. You should see the new datastore; if not, go to Datastores and click the Refresh button in the top right-hand corner 
  5. Optionally edit the datastore
  6. Beside the datastore, click Enabled. You must enable at least one datastore. Do not enable the NFS repository (usually /opt/vm_repository)
  7. Click Save