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To modify a storage volume in public cloud:

  1. Go to Virtual datacenters → Volumes
  2. Select the volume and click the edit button

Modify a storage volume in Azure




The name of the volume


A description of the volume

Total Size

Enter the volume size. You are allowed to increase the size of the volume only. After you change the size, remember to enlarge the partitions and file system.

Controller type

In public cloud, the platform does not apply the controller type


In public cloud, the platform does not apply the controller

BootableIn public cloud, the platform does not apply the bootable flag
EncryptedIn AWS the platform supports encrypted EBS volumes. You can select the option to use encryption when you create a volume.

Using Expanded Disks

Expanding a disk can damage the data or operating system installed on the disk. You may need to apply additional operating system tools or processes before you can use an expanded disk, for example, resizing partitions and filesystems.

After resizing a disk, remember to resize the partitions and filesystems. For example, with the Linux ext3 filesystem, you can execute the following commands when logged into a shell on the VM:

 $ umount /dev/xxx (/dev/xxx is the partition of the resized volume, inside the VM)
 $ parted /dev/xxx
 # resize Y start end (Y is the partition number, and start/end of the partition varies in each case)
 $ resize2fs /dev/sdx