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This document is a guideline about which elements you must monitor on your installation to assure service level and proactively detect possible failures before your end customers do.

Monitoring technology

We let you choose your prefered monitoring platform, nowadays most major monitoring technologies have the capability to alert about service outages as well as retrieve and graph performance metrics, so it is up to you to decide which one you will use.

Services to monitor

Next you will find a list of elements to monitor on every server on a distributed installation. We will try to detail both process name, port where the service would be listening and also interesting parameters for which to get metrics values.

Common parameters

The parameters below must be monitored on all platform servers:

  • CPU usage
  • RAM usage
  • Network availability
  • Filesystem occupation

Abiquo Server

This server would host Abiquo API, UI, websockify and M services, it would also have the queue system RabbitMQ, Redis and MariaDB database.

Abiquo API 
 abiquo-tomcat service running
 apache tomcat / JVM performance parameters
 port 8009/HTTP listening
 port 8010/AJP listening
 Login service available (curl -u admin -p xabiquo http://abiquo_server:8009/api/login)
Abiquo UI 
 httpd service running
 Apache web server performance parameters
 port 80/HTTP listening
 port 443/HTTPS listening
 UI service available (curl http://abiquo_server:80/ui)
 rabbitmq service running
 port 5672/AMPQ listening
 queue status ( rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages consumers )
 queue status - Number of messages queued ( increase on this number indicates a global problem )
 queue status - Number of consumers ( Each queue must have at least one connected consumer )
 RabbitMQ performance parameters
 redis service running
 Port 6379/TCP listening
 Redis performance parameters
 service mysql running
 Port 3306/TCP listening
 MariaDB performance parameters

 Abiquo Remote Services

This server need to be checked for Abiquo Remote Services components, Redis database and DHCP Service.

Abiquo RSS 
 abiquo-tomcat service running
 apache tomcat / JVM performance parameters
 port 8009/HTTP listening
 port 8010/AJP listening
 redis service running
 Port 6379/TCP listening
 Redis performance parameters
 dhcpd service running
 Port 7911/TCP OMAPI running

Port 4822/TCP listening
 nfs repository availability
 NFS performance
 NFS free space

 Abiquo Watchtower

Host watchtower components in charge of monitoring and alerting services.

Abiquo Watchtower 
 service abiquo-emmett running
 Port 36638/TCP listening
 service abiquo-delorean running
 service cassandra running
 Port 9160/TCP listening
 Cassandra performance parameters
 service kairosdb running
 Port 8080/TCP listening

 Abiquo Reporting

This node includes jasperserver packages .

 service mysql status ( Kinton replica )
 MariaDB replication status
 MariaDB performance parameters
 service jasperserver running
 PostgresQL service running
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