Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.6.1 introduces a new feature to move a deployed VM to a virtual datacenter within the same Abiquo datacenter. The target VDC must have the same hypervisor type. If the VM is not deployed, the Move VM button will allow you to Move the VM to another virtual appliance in the same virtual datacenter.

Privilege: Manage VM move

To move a deployed VM to another VDC:

  1. If your VM does not support hot-reconfigure, shut down the VM. This is because moving a VM will change the configuration of the VM, for example, the NICs
  2. Select the VM and click the Move VM button
  3. For a deployed VM, the platform will display a list of compatible virtual datacenters (with the same hypervisor technology and network device) and virtual appliances.
  4. After you select the virtual appliance, the platform will display the configuration dialog.
  5. You must select at least one network address. It is possible to select the same external IP address that was already attached to the VM. 
  6. Optionally select firewalls and load balancers
  7. The platform may display a pricing estimate dialog for you to accept the price of the VApp including the new VM.

The platform will move the VM to the new virtual datacenter. If the move is not successful, the VM will be restored to the original virtual datacenter.


This feature does not move VMs with the following configuration:

  • External storage volumes
  • NAT rules
  • Scaling groups
  • Anti-affinity layers. 
    • The platform will attempt to remove the VM from its layer and if it cannot do so, then the move will fail. For more details of layer constraints, see Configure VM High Availability. The platform will not add the VM to a layer in the target VDC.