Abiquo 5.1

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Notes about reserved private IPs for vCenter with DVS

  • Prior to the first deploy of an Abiquo VM in an Abiquo private network, in order to add a reserved IP to a VM, you would need to create your own port group (tag/DVS) with the next tag in the rack sequence and the Abiquo naming convention, which is “network_name_tag”, for example, “private_network_11”. Creating your own port group is not recommended.
  • When a user deploys the first Abiquo VM in a private network, Abiquo checks for an existing network that uses the Abiquo naming convention, or creates a new one.
  • Abiquo will not manage private IPs added to VMs outside of the platform.
  • When a user undeploys the last Abiquo VM in a private network, if there are no other VMs with IP addresses in the network, Abiquo will delete the port group.