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Abiquo 4.6

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During onboarding from public cloud, the platform will onboard existing public IP addresses in providers that support them, such as AWS and Azure. You can obtain them from the provider and assign them to your virtual datacenters and VMs.

Amazon may charge for Elastic IP addresses as soon as you reserve them for your virtual datacenter. Therefore you should reserve your IP addresses just before you deploy and check they are deleted when you undeploy your VMs.

To add public IP addresses to your virtual datacenter, so that you can later assign them to your VMs:

  1. Select a virtual datacenter in public cloud and go to Network → Public
  2. Click the add button  in the top right corner of the PUBLIC IPs page
  3. To add the public IP to a virtual datacenter, click the Add to VDC link near the IP address

Now when you edit a VM in the VDC and go to Network → Public, you will see the public IP address and you can add it to your VM.

Synchronize public IP addresses with the cloud provider

To onboard any public IP addresses that were already created in your cloud provider, or update changes made directly in the provider

  1. Go to Virtual datacenters → Network → Public
  2. Click the Synchronize public IPs button

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