Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.6.3 introduces types for enterprise properties, which facilitates the use of properties in hierarchical organisation models (such as reseller models). Types allow administrators to reserve some properties for internal use while delegating reseller or enterprise admins the ability to view or manage other properties. In Abiquo, administrators store tenant details and metadata using enterprise properties.

Administrators with the privilege to "Manage enterprise properties" can set the property types. Each property can have a type of Hidden, Read/write, or Read only.

Administrators without the "Manage enterprise properties" privilege can only edit read/write properties and display read-only properties.

You can also configure the tenant properties using the Abiquo API. See: EnterprisesResource 

And you can predefine properties through the user interface configuration. See Predefine enterprise properties for the UI