Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo has custom integrations with some public cloud providers, such as AWS EC2 and VPC, Azure ARM, and vCloud Director clouds. These integrations map Abiquo entities to public cloud entities as shown in the following diagram.

Abiquo support for some providers may be available in on-premise or public mode, such as vCloud Director and OpenStack.

Abiquo synchronizes with all public cloud providers to onboard virtual resources, either at the virtual datacenter or regional level. An examples of a provider with virtual datacenter synchronization is AWS, and examples with regional synchronization are DigitalOcean and Rackspace.

The Hybrid tab of the Home dashboard view can display public cloud billing information, including latest bills and estimated bills. For details of the dashboard widgets, see Hybrid and for configuration details, see Display cloud provider billing data

Feature support for all Abiquo public cloud providers is described in the Public cloud providers section.  Full details of the major public cloud integrations can be found on the pages in the Public cloud integration pages section.

Public cloud providers


Public cloud integration pages