Abiquo 5.3

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The relocate VM feature enables you to move a deployed VM to another hypervisor on the same rack with the same manager. This feature is available for VMware ESXi and uses the vMotion feature. This feature requires the "Relocate a VM into a compatible host" privilege.

The Relocate VM button  is on the VM control panel.

The platform displays a list of compatible hosts.

Select a host to relocate a VM using vMotion

When you click "Show details", the platform displays the host metrics, so you can check that the new host is not overloadedCheck host metrics when selecting a hypervisor to relocate the VM

After it relocates the VM, the platform displays the new host details, for example, with a new Remote access address.

After you relocate a VM the platform displays the new host details on the VM control panel

If you click the Relocate button again, you should see the original host as a new candidate, which means that the relocate has worked properly.

Check relocation by clicking the relocate button again to display the original host

See Relocate a deployed VM to another host

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