Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo Reports is an optional extension to the Abiquo product. 

Access Reports from the Abiquo UI

When reports are configured, click the Reports button  to view reports. Users will see the reports for their enterprise.

Privilege: Allow access to reports

Log In to JasperReports

Use your Abiquo credentials to log in.

Select a Report from JasperReports Home

Click on reports and select a Report from the Reports list. Click Run or double click the report name. Follow the instructions on screen. Enter dates in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

Report Types

Abiquo Reporting offers several different report categories including cloud operations, planning, audit and compliance and end user reports.

This section contains a page describing each report.

Drilldown Reports

For several reports, you can open a drilldown report by clicking on an element of the report. For example, in the Datacenter Resource Planning Report, the top level is for a datacenter, for all enterprises. You can drill down to the enterprise level by clicking on an enterprise name. At this level, you will see the virtual datacenters. You can drill down to virtual datacenter level by clicking on a virtual datacenter. 

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