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This report provides details of all Enterprises that own Templates (images and instances) in the Abiquo Image Repositories. It gives a breakdown of where images are being used and how much space they are consuming in the repository. Includes charts and graphs to help visualize space usage. You can drill down into an Enterprise's templates, and also to VM level to see which VMs are using a template. To use this report you must have the Abiquo View datacenter details privilege, because the report references the physical location of VMs.

Privilege: View datacenter details

Enterprise Top-level Report

Enterprise Top-level Chart

This report provides a detailed analysis of the disk usage of Appliance Library templates in all Abiquo datacenter repositories. This report identifies which Enterprises are the largest users of Repository space, and gives an indication of how much repository space is occupied by unused/unreferenced templates.

Furthermore, it is possible to drill-down to review each individual Enterprises’ Image and Instance Templates to see how they are being used and how much repository disk space they utilize, and also report all VMs that are referencing a particular Template.

The disk space used by image conversions to other formats is NOT included in this report, because conversion space is beyond the control of an Enterprise.

Input Parameters

No input parameters are required to run this report.

Report Content

There are 3 distinct parts to the report:

The Enterprise level report

The report lists all Enterprises that are using repository space, ordered by repository space usage. For each Enterprise, the following values are reported:

Owned TemplatesThis is the total number of Images and Instances owned by the enterprise, with separate sub-totals for both Image and Instance
VMs Using Templates (All Enterprises)The total number of VMs from Enterprises other than the owning Enterprise that are using a Template owned by this Enterprise
VMs Using Templates (In other Enterprises)The total number of VMs from Enterprises other than the owning Enterprise that are using a Template owned by this Enterprise.
Templates Unused by any VMs (Repo Usage %)This important figure shows what percentage of the repository space occupied by the Enterprise is actually unused - i.e. not being used by any VMs. Separate sub-totals are provided for Image and Instance percentages. The percentage is based on total repository usage by the Enterprise, so a Total of 75 in this column would indicate that 75% of the repository disk space being occupied by Templates is actually not being used.
Image Repo Usage %Indicates what percentage of the Enterprises’ repository disk usage is allocated to Images. There is a subtotal to indicate the percentage of that total which is actually ‘shared’ Images (that can be referenced by other Enterprises). Note: Adding the ‘Total’ value here to ‘Instance Repo Usage %’ should equal 100%. 
Instance Repo Usage %The total percentage of repository space owned by the Enterprise which is occupied by Instances. In addition, this report contains a Summary section providing charts to help visualise the repository usage.
Enterprise Breakdown report

To view the Enterprise Breakdown Report, click on the Enterprise Name in the Enterprise level report. This report details the individual Images and Instances owned by the Enterprise, identifying attributes such as disk usage size, how many VMs are referencing the image/instance, and cost code.

Image Usage report

To view the Image Usage report, click on the image name in the Enterprise Breakdown report. This report details all of the VMs referencing an Image, identifying the VM location by Enterprise, VDC and VApp, in addition to the VM state.

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