Abiquo 5.0

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You can use this report to check that you have set useful values for the Hard Limits and Soft Limits for Virtual Datacenters in relation to the limits set for your Enterprises. 

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters for this report.

Report Content

The format is a table with one row per enterprise. Each row contains the Hard and Soft Allocation limits for each managed Abiquo resource limit. Values can also be highlighted as follows:

  • Yellow highlight: indicates that the hard limits of all VDCs in the Enterprise are currently exceeding the Enterprise’s Soft limit.
    • For example, VDC hard limit 1 + VDC hard limit 2 + VDC hard limit 3 > Enterprise Soft Limit
  • Red highlight: indicates that the Hard limits allocated to all of the Enterprise’s VDCs currently exceed the Enterprise’s Hard limit. This is important because it means the Enterprise hard limit is oversubscribed and that not all of the hard limits in the Enterprises’ VDCs can be reached.
    • For example, VDC hard limit 1 + VDC hard limit 2 + VDC hard limit 3 > Enterprise Hard Limit

The report also provides total limits for all Enterprises, and for all VDCs in an Enterprise.

Drill-down report of Resource Allocation Limits by enterprise

This drill-down report shows the values of the limits by enterprise.

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