Abiquo 5.0

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This report provides summary details of key abiquo resource usage by Enterprises, including a breakdown of VMs by state. It also includes 'shared' resource totals for external storage, public IP, internal & external networks, and repository usage. The report produces one page for each Enterprise that the report user is associated with or can administer.

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters for this report.

Report Content

The report page comprises four separate sections:

External StorageThis is a total of External Storage in use or reserved by the Enterprise, reported in gigabytes
Network ResourcesIncludes Enterprise totals counts for key network metrics: Public IPs, External Networks and Internal VLANs
RepositoryTotal disk resource occupancy of Abiquo Templates in all Datacenter Repositories, in gigabytes. Note: this does not include the Template conversion space, as this is beyond the control and scope of the Enterprise. 
Virtual Machine ResourcesThis table contains information about VM resource usage, broken down by machine VM state (e.g. ON, OFF, PAUSED, etc.). For a machine state there is a count of VMs in that state, and totals of the vCPU, Memory and Local Storage in use by all machines in that state. There is also a total line to include the total resources of all VMs.
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