Abiquo 5.4

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By default, users can access the platform from any network address. To restrict access, when the administrator creates or edits a user, they can allow a set of network addresses.

Privileges: Manage allowed user CIDRs

To only allow access from a set of network addresses for a specific user via console and API:

  1. Go to UsersEdit userAdvanced
  2. Enter the Allowed CIDRs to specify the network addresses that the user can access the platform from, using CIDR notation
    • The user's Allowed CIDRs will have priority over the allowed CIDRs that are inherited from the user's role and/or scope
    • The inherited CIDRs will only display if the user has no Allowed CIDRs
    • In the API, you can add a comma delimited list of addresses in CIDR format

To restrict access of more than one user at a time, set role and/or scope CIDRs.

 Click here to show/hide screenshots of CIDRs for Roles and Scopes

Screenshot: Create a scope with Allowed CIDRs.

Screenshot: Create a role with Allowed CIDRs