Abiquo 5.0

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You can schedule reports with JasperReport Server. Right click on an Abiquo report and select Schedule. This will take you to the following screen. 


Click Create Schedule, which will bring up the following screen with the Schedule tab selected.

Choose the report format.

Output Options

Then click on the Output Options tab. For the output location, your user must have read+write+delete permission to the 'folder' location. You can create a sub-folder or change permission to the default folders with the 'jasperadmin' account (default folders 'data sources' and 'reports'). Right click the folder and select 'permission...' and change the ROLE_USER account to be the 'read+write+delete' from the drop down.


To configure email notifications, you must configure the email system in JasperReports. See http://www.jaspersoft.com/configuring-report-scheduler

Scheduling Drill-down Reports

If you want to schedule drill down variants of the reports, change the Input Parameters for the report so they are not read only.

  • Log in to JasperReports as 'jasperadmin' (or another Admin user)
  • Open the Drilldown Reports folder and find your report

  • Right click the report and select Edit

  • Select the Controls & Resources tab

    • Click on each Input Control and do the following steps:

    • Select Define an Input Control in the next step, then click Next

    • Deselect the Read-only checkbox, then click Next

    • Click Next 

  • When you have edited all the input controls, click Submit.


Add a Title Page to Drilldown Reports

By default, report title pages are not included on drilldown reports. However, if you want to print/export a drilldown, then use the 'Options' button to add the title page.

The report is regenerated with a title page

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