Abiquo 5.0

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Provides a summary of server usage within the Abiquo system, broken down by datacenter. Note that this report can be used to identify the total number of Server CPU Cores being used by the Abiquo platform, a key attribute of Abiquo licensing.

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters for this report.

Report Content

The main report is a tabular section showing details for each datacenter:

DatacenterThe name of the Datacenter
Number of ServersThe number of physical servers in the datacenter
Number of Server CoresThe total number of server cores of all servers in the datacenter
Total Number of VMsThe total number of VMs running on all servers in the datacenter
Total Number of VM CPUsThe total number of all VM vCPUs running in the datacenter.
CPU Over-allocation %The current load of over allocation of percentage of Server CPUs to VM vCPUs. This is based on the current load rather than the Abiquo over-allocation rules.
Server Change Count (30 days)A count of all server additions and deletions made to the datacenter in the last 30 days (e.g. adding one server and deleting another would have a server change count of 2)

In addition, a total line is provided for the above details, giving the totals across all datacenters. In particular, the ‘Number of Server Cores’ total is useful for reviewing against you abiquo licensing agreement.

The final page of the report contains bar graphs of the datacenter totals, to help visualise comparisons between datacenter size and load.

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