Abiquo 5.1

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To set enterprise allocation limits:

  1. Go to Users → edit Enterprise → Allocation limits
  2. Complete the dialog. 




LimitChecked atDescription



Total amount of RAM that may be used by VMs including hardware profiles assigned to VMs

Virtual CPUs


Total number of virtual CPU cores that may be used by VMs including hardware profiles assigned to VMs

Local hard disk


Total size of hard disk that may be used by VMs on hypervisor datastores and in public cloud providers

External storage


Total size of external storage that may be assigned to VMs



Total number of private VLANs that may be defined. Note that a private VLAN is automatically created for every VDC, so this limit may restrict the number of VDCs that users can create

Public /floating/NAT IPs


Total number of public IPs, floating IPs (in public cloud), and NAT IPs that may be used

RepositoryOperationsTotal size of NFS Repository space that maybe used for the Apps Library including templates and instances (but not conversions). See Manage the Datacenter Apps Library#HowmuchspacecanatenantuseintheAppsLibrary?
Virtual machinesDeploymentTotal number of VMs that users can deploy in the location using their allowed resources

In public cloud regions, the platform does not use Repository (Apps library storage) features or limits 

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