Abiquo 5.1

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Abiquo Enterprise can manage multiple storage systems to provide users with virtual storage on demand. This section describes the configuration of compatible storage systems

Abiquo supports managed storage on:

  • NetApp
  • LVM
  • Nexenta

Abiquo also supports unmanaged storage on generic iSCSI devices. In addition, managed storage plugins for other storage technologies can be developed using the Storage Plugin SDK.

This chapter will describe how to configure the external managed and unmanaged storage supported by the Abiquo Platform.

Compatibility table

Storage type



Hypervisor Datastore


iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FC, FCoE, or direct attached

Generic iSCSI Storage



Integrated iSCSI Storage


ONTAP 7, ONTAP 8.1.3, ONTAP 8.2

Integrated iSCSI Storage


3.0.4: enterprise, 3.1.3: enterprise and community. No plugin required

Integrated iSCSI Storage


Operating system: Red Hat 6 installed using Abiquo install following Abiquo LVM Storage Server Install

Integrated NFS StorageAnyNFS or CIFS; XenServer does not support NFS storage

Persistent VMs can use any type of Integrated Storage or Generic iSCSI Storage.

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