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Abiquo 4.7

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Abiquo 4.6.1 introduces more operating systems for VMware including support for new guest identifiers available in vSphere version 6.7+.

It is now easier to specify Windows 9 Server using the name of the operating system, for example, WINDOWS_SERVER_2016 gives “windows9Server64Guest” as the guestIdentifer of VMware.  

See Guest operating system definition for VMware vSphere 5 and 6

New Abiquo OSTypes

WINDOWS_SERVER_2012_R2 → windows8Server64Guest
WINDOWS_SERVER_2016 → windows9Server64Guest
WINDOWS_81 → same as for WINDOWS_8
WINDOWS_81_64 → same as for WINDOWS_8_64
WINDOWS_10 → windows9 // contains Server or server →  windows9Server64Guest
WINDOWS_10_64 → windows9_64Guest // contains Server or server →  windows9Server64Guest

For vSphere 6.7+:

CENTOS_64 and osversion 8 → centos8_64Guest
MACOS and osversion 17 → darwin17_64Guest
MACOS and osversion 18 → darwin18_64Guest
FREEBSD and osversion 11 → freebsd11Guest
FREEBSD_64 and osversion 11 → freebsd11_64Guest
FREEBSD and osversion 12 → freebsd12Guest
FREEBSD_64 and osversion 12 → freebsd12_64Guest
SLES_64 and osversion 15 → sles15_64Guest
ORACLE_ENTERPRISE_LINUX_64 and osversion 8 → oracleLinux8_64Guest
RHEL_64 and osversion 8 → rhel8_64Guest
LINUX and osversion 4x → other4xLinuxGuest
LINUX_64 and osversion 4x → other4xLinux64Guest