Abiquo 5.0

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A multi-page report showing the overall Abiquo system metrics over a chosen time period.  It summarizes enterprise, user, and deployment growth. It shows charts system activity, user login activity, and error activity trends - by with daily graphs and ‘heat maps’ to show average daily hotspots. Identifies the top 5 enterprises by size, growth and shrinkage of users, VMs and activity.

Input Parameters


Start DateThe beginning of the date range for the reportDefault start date is the first day of the previous month
End DateThe end of the report date range for the report. The report uses data for all the days up to but not including this dateDefault end date is the first day of the current month
Section 1

Section 1 shows the total number of key objects at the start and end of the selected time period, and a calculation of the percentage change over the period. The first part shows the data in a numeric format, categorized by User (user and enterprise) related objects and deployment (VDC,Vapp, VM) related objects. The second part shows the same information in a chart, and for each object type it charts the totals at the start and end of the period plus the current total.

Section 2

Section 2 shows the key areas of activity at the start and end of the selected time period. This is broken down into three sections :-

  • Overall activity - a simple measure of the volume of activity
  • Login activity - a measure of the number of users logging into the system
  • Errors - a measure of the number of errors generated

Each of these sections shows this information in two different ways:-

  • A chart that shows the quantity of the activity type plotted over the time time period of the report
  • A heat map that illustrates with color coding the hours of the day that these different activity types occur in

Section 3

Section 3 shows User, Virtual Machine and Activity broken down by enterprise, as well as the top 5 enterprises for growth and reduction in each.

There are three bar charts that plot the top 5 enterprises by the total number of the attribute being measured, the growth in the attribute being measured, and the reduction in the attribute being measured.

Note that the final page of this section that plots top 5 enterprises by activity. The final two sections, which are Growth in activity and Reduction in activity, compare the activity for the selected period against the activity for the previous period as a percentage. For example, if the report is run for March 2018, then the growth and reduction charts for User and VM show the Enterprises that have experienced the highest growth/reduction in users/VMs over the time period. But the final activity page compares the overall activity by enterprise compared to the previous period. So in this example it would compare activity in March 2018 with February 2018.

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