Abiquo 5.1

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Configuration issues

Tip: We recommend that you edit the sample configuration files and change them to suit your environment

A usage is not in the billing output

Solution: Check the configuration of the usage in the billing.properties and the connector properties files (csv.properties and dbms.properties)

  1. You need to specify a usage name in both files 
    1. For example "hypervisor_1_name=VMX_04"
    2. The billing connector gets the name from the billing.properties and looks for the same name in the csv.properties. 
    3. Otherwise, it will ignore the usage
  2.   You need to specify usage properties in both files with different property names 
    1. For example "hypervisor_usage=true" in billing.properties and "hypervisors=true" in csv.properties
    2. The setting "hypervisors=true" means that you want to generate usages for hypervisors in your CSV file. Usages are optional in the output file or DBMS

The BillingSystemID value is not in the billing output

Solution: Check that the 'account_provider_mapping' value is properly configured for the connector.

General Troubleshooting

If something goes wrong with billing, the first step is to check the logs!

You can find the logs in the 'logs' sub directory.

Configure the logging level in the logback.xml file.

The levels you can set for "com.abiquo.billing" are "DEBUG", "INFO", "WARN", and "ERROR".