Abiquo 5.0

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Gives a detailed audit report for the specified user in the specified date range. It includes attributes of the specified user, an activity chart and a detailed audit trail.

Input Parameters
Start DateThe beginning of the date range for the report
End DateThe end of the report date range for the report. The report uses data for all the days up to but not including this date
EnterpriseUsed to filter the list of users in the User parameter. Not used to filter the report content
UserThe Abiquo user for the activity report. Includes activity that the user performed in other Enterprises as well as their current Enterprise
Show Activity DetailInclude detailed user activity information in the report
Report Content

This report has three sections:

User DetailsCurrent user information in AbiquoIncludes name, role, description, email and enterprise
Activity SummaryThe user's activity over the period, including a chart. Based on the user's event activityHighlights the dates the user was active and indicates the severity of events raised for the user
Activity DetailOptional section that includes all detailed event messages associated with the user for the date range 
Report Sample Screenshot

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