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Abiquo 4.6

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User's Guide. 6. Users

Privilege: Access Users view, Manage enterprises, Manage users of all enterprises

The Users view is where you will manage cloud tenants and users in the platform. For information about these Abiquo concepts, see Users in the Abiquo Walkthrough. To access Users view, click the Users icon  at the top of the screen. To switch between cards and list view, click the tabs in the top right corner of the Users tab. 

The Users view screen will vary depending on a user's privileges. 

The default Cloud Administrator will be able to see a list of all enterprises in the left pane and all users in the right pane because they have both the Manage enterprises and Manage users of all enterprises privilege and access to all enterprises through the default global administration scope. As they also have the Allow users to switch enterprise privilege, they can switch to a different tenant in the Users view.

Screenshot: List view for Cloud Admin

The default Enterprise Administrator role only has access to their own enterprise and does not have the Manage enterprises or Manage users of all enterprises privileges. So this user will only see the users of their enterprise. If this enterprise admin is a basic reseller, then they can log in with a user in each of their enterprises in order to manage the users. 

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A standard enterprise administrator with the additional Manage enterprises privilege will see their own enterprise in the left pane, and an edit button is displayed but the main purpose of this privilege level is to support resellers. A reseller administrator with the Manage enterprises privilege will be able to see all the enterprises in their scope. However, they will only be able to manage their own enterprise. 

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A reseller administrator with an administration scope of more than one enterprise and the Manage enterprises and Manage users of all enterprises privileges can manage all the enterprises in their scope and the users of these enterprises too. The users view will be similar to that of the cloud administrator, with the enterprises in scope listed on the left-hand side. 

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