Abiquo 5.1

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Abiquo 3.10 introduced more control over shared templates using template scopes in both private and public cloud. As in previous versions, Abiquo marks shared templates with the shared symbol. However, the checkbox to share a template directly was removed in Abiquo 3.10.

To work with VM templates, administrators will require the appropriate Apps library privileges. To manage shared templates, administrators must also have the privilege to Allow user to switch enterprises (within scope).

By default, templates are local to the tenant that creates them (which is the owner enterprise). To share templates, administrators must log in to (or switch to) the owner enterprise, and edit the template to assign scopes. Administrators can assign their own scope and/or a child scope in their hierarchy.

To determine who can use the template, the platform only references the scope's enterprise list. Users who belong to the owner enterprise or one of the enterprises in the template's scope can display and use the template. 

See Manage resource scopes and Manage Scopes.