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Abiquo 4.6

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Abiquo High Availability (HA) is a vendor-neutral automatic VM restart capability that is cost-effective for enterprises deploying multi-hypervisor datacenters. Machines must be preconfigured for high availability before the feature is enabled on the rack. To configure HA, see Configure HA for VMs in the Administrator's Guide.

HA Compatibility

(tick) External storage and persistent VMs are compatible with HA.
(error) Abiquo HA does not support VMware vCenter (use VMware HA with vCenter).
(error) Abiquo HA does not support XenServer.

To manage High Availability in the user interface, do the following steps:

Create or edit a physical machine configuration for HA

When you add a physical machine into the platform, you can configure the following for HA.

Manage IPMI for Abiquo High Availability

On standard racks Abiquo uses IPMI in the high availability (HA) process to shut down a machine that is not responding. Click IPMI tab to edit the IPMI parameters. 

IPMI is used by Abiquo High Availability (HA) to shut down machines on standard racks.




The IP address for the IPMI connection


An optional port for the IP connection


User with privileges to shut down the machine

IPMI Password

Password for the user with privileges to shut down the machine

For further information about Abiquo high availability, see Configure HA for VMs in the Administrator's Guide. 

Datastores in High Availability

Abiquo High Availability of Virtual Machines requires all the hypervisor hosts involved to share the same datastore, which must be enabled for deployment of VMs. This will allow the platform to restart VMs in other hypervisors from the shared datastore. High availability does not copy VM system disks. Thus, if none of the other high availability hypervisors can access the datastore used by a hypervisor, the VMs using this datastore will not be restarted. Therefore, you should enable only shared datastores (and disable other datastores) on high availability hosts and ensure that the shared datastore is available to all other high availability hosts in the same group.

Enable a Machine that was Disabled by HA

After a physical machine has been disabled by HA, the status indicator will be gray and the state will be HA DISABLED. 

Before re-enabling the physical machine, restart the physical machine and check the hypervisor. For example, for an ESXi host:

  • Check the hypervisor configuration using vSphere Client to ensure that the datastores are active. Perform a rescan if necessary.
  • Check for VMs with no name, in the UNKNOWN (INVALID) state. Delete these VMs in the hypervisor. Do not delete VMs with correct names because the platform will manage these VMs.

 To manually enable the physical machine in Abiquo, click the enable  button on the right-hand side of the screen.

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