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vCloud Director ElementNotes
vCloud Director documentationVMware vCloud Director documentation center
Load balance multiple protocols and portsUse multiple load balancers to the same IP address each with an incoming connection to a different port
  • The algorithms vCloud Director supports are:
    • IP_HASH
    • URI
AddressesIn vCloud Director a load balancer must have a "public address", which is an address on an external network (connected to the Edge, meaning external to the OrgVDC or external routed networks). The platform does not support the use of private subnets for load balancers in vCloud because vCloud cannot use isolated external networks or private networks when creating load balancers. To load balance multiple protocols and ports, you can use multiple load balancers to the same IP address but each with a different port.
Routing rule protocols in

vCloud Director accepts HTTP, HTTPS, TCP

Changes to routing rulesYou can change vCloud Director routing rules after they have been created
Health check
  • A health check is required by the platform.
  • During synchronization, the platform will skip load balancers without health checks
Health check protocols

vCloud Director supports: HTTP, SSL, TCP. For HTTP routing rules, vCloud supports HTTP or TCP health checks. For HTTPS rules, it supports SSL or TCP. For TCP rules, it only supports TCP.

NodesThe platform will add the nodes to the load balancer pool on the Edge in vCloud when you deploy them. You cannot register a VM to a load balancer if it is not using an IP in an external OrgVDC or routed network.
vCloud vAppsThe platform does not support NSX-Edge Compact or fenced vApps.