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The Users tab is where a Cloud Admin will define the enterprises (or cloud tenants) that can use the Abiquo cloud. For example, for an enterprise creating a private cloud the enterprises will be departments, project teams or cost centers. For a service provider the enterprises will be customers of the cloud service (including resellers).


titleClick here to show/hide the task: Create an enterprise for a cloud tenant to consume cloud resources

To create an enterprise for a cloud tenant to consume cloud resources:

  1. Log in as SysAdmin
  2. From the "Users" pane click + to add the new enterprise
  3. Enter Enterprise Name in Name box (the Enterprise logo and theme are optional)
  4. Click on "Datacenters" tab and select a datacenter for the enterprise to use. Move the datacenter, or public cloud provider or region to the Allowed Datacenters list.
  5. Click "Save"  

When a new Enterprise is created creating a new enterprise, the Cloud Admin can define exactly how that Enterprise enterprise can use the Infrastructureinfrastructure. So while the Enterprise enterprise will have a Selfself-Service service experience, the Cloud Admin remains in control and defines the boundaries of what the Enterprise enterprise can do.

At the heart of controlled self service are Allocation limits. These define how much of the compute, storage and networking resources the Enterprise can consume. Allocation limits The Cloud Admin can also be defined exert granular control by defining allocation limits at the level of a datacenter, or even a virtual datacenter so that granular control can be exerted by the Cloud Admin. Tenant Admins can also set limits for virtual datacenters.
The Soft Limit defines the point where the platform can issue a warning can be issued. In a Self Service self-service world this will be a decision point for the user. Do they need to request more resources from the Cloud Admin, or will they look at the resources they are consuming and realize that there are environments that are no longer being used. Perhaps these can be undeployed and those resources made available for new environments.


titleClick here to show/hide the task to: Create allocation limits for an enterprise

To set limits set based on the business agreement with the enterprise holder:
1. Login as SysAdmin
2. Go to the Users view and select a specific Enterprise
3. Edit the enterprise and select the "Allocation limits" tab
4. Set "Hard Limits" to set maximum allowable limits for use by the enterprise to deploy virtual appliances/VMs, and set "Soft limits" for warning.

Enterprise The platform will display aEnterprise admin will receive email if approaching an email when the tenant reaches the "Soft Limit" and Enterprise users will not be able to deploy VMs past the "Hard Limits" set.