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Abiquo 5.0

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You can create a public cloud region for use by many organizations with one vDC or one organization with multiple VDCs.

To enable many organizations to use the same public cloud region, with one organization virtual datacenter per tenant, enter administrator (system) credentials to register the provider virtual datacenter as the public cloud region.


Create a public cloud region for vCloud Director

After you create the public cloud regions, allow the enterprises to use them.


Before you begin, see features and configuration at vCloud Director

To create a public cloud region for vCloud Director:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Public → Create public cloud region
    1. Enter the URL for vCloud Director (e.g. https://myvclouddirector.example.com)
    2. Enter credentials for ONE of the following models:
      1. To add a provider VDC, enter Administrator credentials (user@System)
      2. To add an organization VDC, enter Organization administrator credentials (user@orgName). This region will be exclusive to the organization
    3. Click Retrieve regions and select the region
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    4. Click Next and enter the details of the remote services
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To enable enterprises to work in the region:

  1. Edit each enterprise that will work in a vCloud Director region (provider VDC or org VDC)
    1. Go to Datacenters and drag the region/s to
    1. the Allowed datacenters
    Tip: The Administrator can configure the UI to group regions by endpoint with the option to display providers.
    1. column
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    2. Go to Credentials
    1. and select vCloud Director
    and enter the
    1. . Enter the organization administrator identity
    and credential in order for the enterprise to work with the region.

Screenshot: Multiple enterprises can work in the same public cloud region in vCloud Director

Public cloud region in vCloud Director created with Administrator credentials and shared by multiple tenantsImage Removed


    1.  and credential
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Import templates

When searching for templates, to retrieve templates from the enterprise's vCD organization, select the private checkbox. To retrieve templates from other organizations, select the public checkbox.

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The platform can manage templates that have multiple disks, but it will display one disk only with the total size of all disks. The user can deploy multi-disk templates, add and remove additional hard disks, and create instances.


The integration manages firewalls on private and external networks.

The integration does not support firewall policies assigned to VMs.

Users onboard and create load balancers