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Abiquo 5.0

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If Abiquo already has virtual resources on the platform for the provider, then these entities will already be part of a VDC. Abiquo will check if any new entities in the provider are related to the existing ones in Abiquo and place them in the existing VDCSVDCs.

Abiquo will place all VMs and network resources that are not related to existing Abiquo virtual resources into a generic VDC. Abiquo names this VDC with the same name as the public cloud region, but the user can rename it. Abiquo will use this VDC for future synchronizations, adding or removing resources to match the resources in the cloud provider.

If the Abiquo integration with the provider supports entities that are not assigned to any VDC, such as firewalls, loadbalancers load balancers or floating IPs, these may be loaded into Abiquo as unassigned entities.