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Abiquo 5.0

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Common protocols

To load predefined values, select one of the most common protocols.


Name of the health check


The protocol with which the health check will be performed. Rackspace supports HTTP, HTTPS and CONNECT


. The health check protocols HTTP and HTTPS can only be used with routing rules for the same protocol.


The port to which the health check will be performed.

PathThe server path to ping. Required by
Rackspace for health monitors using HTTP and HTTPS protocols
Interval (sec)The interval in seconds between health checks
Timeout (sec)The timeout in seconds after which an attempted health check will be considered unsuccessful
AttemptsThe number of attempts before the health check will be considered unsuccessful
AddAdd the current health check to the load balancer

(star) In Abiquo 3.1, for the CONNECT protocol, enter "CONNECT" manually in the Protocol field and then enter the Port. You can edit the CONNECT preset and other presets in the client-config.json file. See Configure Load Balancer UI Presets