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Abiquo 5.0

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When you edit a disk you can modify the following values. To reset a value selection to the default value, click the x beside the its value.




The disk type of the template. You must enter the correct type (not Unknown) to be able to use the template in Abiquo. See Disk Format Information.


Hard disk size required for this template in MB, GB or TB. It is important to enter a correct value. See Determining the size of a VM Disk File.

File nameTo download the disk, click Download beside the virtual disk file name
Datastore tierSet the storage service level for the template disk by selecting a datastore tier. The user can modify this value after a VM is created and before it is deployed.
Require datastore tierSelect this checkbox to require the user to select a datastore tier when they are creating a VM
Allocation typeThe user with appropriate privileges can modify this value after a VM is created and before it is deployed.
Controller typeIf you change the controller type your VM may not boot. The user can modify this value after they create a VM and before they deploy it.


  • You can select multiple controllers on a VM and the controller can be changed, even after deploy
  • If no value is entered, the platform will use the default value of lsilogic or the value set by the system administrator

See table of values below

NameHard disk name in Abiquo
BootableSelect this checkbox to indicate that this is a system disk that can be used to boot the VM