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Public Networks allow the users of virtual datacenters to use Internet addressable public IP addresses in their virtual infrastructure. Users purchase or reserve public IPs for their enterprises in Virtual datacenters view. Public networks are not assigned to any specific enterprise in Abiquo and they cannot be set as the default network for an enterprise. They can be set as the default network for a virtual datacenter, but make sure that you have made enough public IP addresses available to the users and that the users have reserved enough public IP addresses for their VMs.

Display public networks

To display public networks:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select datacenter → servers view → Networks → Public

You can filter the list using the search boxes above the Networks list. You can scroll through the network list using the page number and arrow buttons at the bottom of the list. And you can search for text to filter the list by network names.


On the right side of the screen, in the Public IPs pane, you will see details of the IPs of the selected network. Click in the header of a column to sort by that column, use the Search button to filter the results by any field and navigate through the pages with the page scroll. 



public networks

Before you begin:

  • Obtain the network address, network mask and tag, and other network details from your Network Administrator

To create a public network do these steps:

  1. Open Infrastructure view and select the datacenter or public cloud region 
  2. On the Networks tab, select the Public pageGo to Infrastructure → Prviate → select datacenter → servers view → Networks → Public 
  3. Click the add button  at the top of the Networks list and complete the dialog.

Create public networks

Include Page
GUI Create network Public
GUI Create network Public