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keywordsHybrid cloud governance Amazon Azure
titleImport public cloud templates from Amazon and Azure

Import VM templates from public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Azure ARM and use them in the multicloud platform

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To import a template from a public cloud region into the platform's template cache, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Apps library → Public → select the public cloud region
  2. Then click the Import template button on the upper right-hand side of the screen
  3. The Import template popup will open
  4. Enter the search criteria for your template

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    Free text

    For example, ami-0354b96a

    Note: You can search for Azure templates by ID with two different formats:

    • for Azure marketplace images use {location}/{publisher}/{offer}/{sku}
    • for user managed images use {resourceGroup}/{location}/{name}


    Free text

    Search for this text in each template Name and Description. The search is not case sensitive

    OS type


    Any, Windows or Other. The default value is Any

    PublisherSelectorFilter by publisher names, as available in some providers, e.g. Azure. Type a publisher name to open a drop-down selection list.



    Private images that are only available to your user account in the public cloud provider

    vCloud Director: display templates in the same organization



    Public images that are available to all users in the public cloud provider

    vCloud Director: display templates in other organizations

    32 bits


    32-bit images

    64 bits


    64-bit images

    Then click Search to perform the search. The search can take some time and return several pages of templates.
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  5. To see more details of a template, move the mouse over it to display a tooltip tool tip with template details.

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  6. To import a template, click the Import import symbol in the top right-hand corner of the template.

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  7. When a template has been imported, the color of the Import symbol will change to gray. You can import many templates in one session.

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  8. When you have finished importing templates click Close.