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This section describes the tasks that may be performed by the cloud user. Depending on user privileges, some of these functions may be performed by the tenant administrator.

Add public key to user account

Click on your user name in the  

Edit your user account details

After you log in, you may need to edit your user account to update your details:

  1. Click on the user icon in top right-hand corner of the screen


Edit your user account and update your details. Add a public key for SSH access to VMs deployed in public cloud.

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Create virtual appliances

  1. and select Edit user from the pull-down menu
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  2. Change your password and edit your user details. Check you have the correct email and phone number to receive passwords and authentication
  3. Add your public key that that the platform will use to launch VMs so that you can access them with SSH


    Edit user general informationImage Added

    Edit user advancedImage Added

Create a virtual appliance to group your VMs

A virtual appliance is folder that holds a group of VMs so that you can easily access them and launch them into the cloud together. At the virtual appliance level, you may also be able to create templates from the disks of your VMs, view VM metrics and create alarms. 

To create a new virtual appliance, open :

  1. Open the Virtual datacenters view


  1. Select the Virtual datacenter where


  1. you will deploy the VM
  2. Click the Image Modified add button for virtual appliances, and complete the form

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    Screenshot: Select a virtual datacenter and click Create virtual appliance

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    Screenshot: Create a virtual appliance

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    The name of the virtual appliance

    Virtual datacenter

    The virtual datacenter where the virtual appliance will be deployed, selected in the V.


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  1. Datacenters list or with this selector

    IconThe URI of the icon to represent the virtual appliance
    (Checkbox)To go straight in to the virtual appliance, select Automatically open it after creation

The platform will create the virtual appliance. To open it, click on its name.

Work with VMs

The basic process for working with VMs is the same throughout the whole Abiquo cloud platform, regardless of the underlying technology, which may be hypervisors, public clouds or Docker. The following screenshots show a private cloud environment, but they would be very similar for a public cloud or even a Docker environment.