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Abiquo 5.0

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Comment: 4.7.0 - fix - Disabled Azure instance


Broker virtual datacenter names

The Broker onboards and synchronizes virtual datacenter names as follows:

  • For Amazon, the Broker uses the VPC ''name'' tag
  • For vCloud, the Broker uses the Name of the vCloud vApp

Broker virtual appliances and names

If the Broker onboards each of the VMs in a vCloud VDC into its own virtual appliance in the Broker, then the Broker will use the VM Label as the name of the virtual appliance. 


 For Azure, users can add public IP addresses to their VDCs and VMs, as in Amazon. Azure uses the first public IP address as the primary IP for remote access. The Broker will onboard and synchronize dynamic public IPs. 

 To create a VM snapshot (instance) you must first log in to the VM and generalize it using Sysprep. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/windows/capture-image-resource . Then you should power it off and create the snapshot in the usual way. Note: after you generalize the VM, you cannot power it on again. The Abiquo instance functionality was disabled in Azure in Abiquo 4.7.0 pending further development.

 Azure only supports one firewall policy per VM. When you edit a firewall, Azure does not allow you to change the name, but you can modify the description, which is also stored as a tag attached to the security group.