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Abiquo 5.0

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  1. To create a scope in the API, get public cloud regions and datacenters (as required)



  2. Create the scope for the customer
    1. Go to Users → Scopes
    2. Click the + button

      1. Enter the Name, which will be the customer name
      2. As the Parent scope, select the BU scope
      3. In the Datacenters column, select the providers or regions as required


      API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/ScopesResource.html#create-a-scope

  3. Create the customer enterprise


    General how-to: Create Tenants via API

    At the top of the Enterprises list, click the + button to add an enterprise

    On the General tab

    1. Enter the customer name
    2. As the Default scope, set the customer scope
    3. For the customer headquarters, select Key node

    API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/EnterprisesResource.html#create-an-enterprise

  4. On the Datacenters tab, drag and drop providers. For example, Amazon. Select and edit providers (or regions) and datacenters to set the default VDC role for each provider for the enterprise.


    This is a separate request in the API. For each region or datacenter, create a datacenter limit.
    API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/EnterpriseLimitsByDatacentersResource.html#create-a-datacenter-limit

  5. On the Properties tab, enter the appropriate properties for the customer type as described in the following tables
    1. For each property, enter a Key and Value, and click Add
    2. When you have finished editing the tenant, click Save


      Excerpt Include
      Abiquo Broker Enterprise Properties
      Abiquo Broker Enterprise Properties

      For properties that apply to Reseller enterprises, see Abiquo Broker Enterprise Properties for Resellers.


      This is a separate request in the API. When you update properties you will overwrite any existing properties
      API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/EnterprisesResource.html#update-enterprise-properties

  6. Add the customer enterprise to the customer scope
    1. Go to Users → Scopes --> select the scope
    2. Click the pencil button to edit
    3. Select the customer enterprise in the Enterprises list


      API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/ScopesResource.html#update-a-scope
      Add a basic link to the scope with a "rel" value of "ENTERPRISE".

  7. Create a pricing template
    1. Go to Pricing → Pricing models
    2. Click + and enter details


      API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/PricingTemplatesResource.html#create-a-pricing-template

  8. API step Get the enterprise
  9. Assign the pricing model to the enterprise. 
    1. Go to Pricing → Enterprise associations
    2. Select the pricing model
    3. Find the enterprise in the list and select the pricing model from the pull-down list beside the enterprise name


    API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/EnterprisesResource.html#upate-an-enterprise
    Update the enterprise to add a link to the pricing model with a "rel" value of "pricingtemplate".

  10. Create a customer administrator user
    1. Go to Users → Select enterprise → Users
    2. Click the + button to add a user
      (Note the screenshot does not show the enterprise filter)
    3. On the General tab, select the following values
      1. Role: CUSTOMER_ADMIN
      2. Scope: Customer scope (enterprise scope)


      API: https://wiki.abiquo.com/api/latest/UsersResource.html#create-a-user-in-an-enterprise