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External networks belong to a single enterprise and may have public or private IP address ranges used in more than one virtual datacenter.

Before you begin:

  • If you are using a network virtualization system to manage external networks, first precreate the networks in the network virtualization systems. You will need the network address, gateway, and VLAN or VXLAN tag.
  • If you are using standard networking, you will need the VLAN tag to use with this network

  • If you are using vCloud Director, you can onboard external networks and manage them in the virtual datacenters view. See vCloud Director Integration

To create an external network:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select Datacenter → Datacenter details → Network → External
  2. Click the  button  and enter the details

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GUI Create network External
GUI Create network External

When you create an IPv4 network, the platform will create an IP address for the gateway. When you create an IPv6 network, the platform does not create IP addresses.