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To use NAT in the platform, first configure the NSX integration, then define the NAT device. NAT networks are very similar to public networks.

To create a NAT network: 

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select datacenter → Servers view → Network → NAT
  2. Click the + add button

  3. Create networks with ranges of public IPs for NAT

    Include Page
    GUI Create NAT network
    GUI Create NAT network

  4. To add IP addresses to your network, click the + Add button in the top right-hand corner of the Networks page.

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    GUI Create IP addresses
    GUI Create IP addresses

The NAT network and IPs will display on the NAT tab. In the same way as for public IPs, you can quarantine NAT IPs as required

When users create virtual datacenters, the platform will automatically configure a NAT IP, and users can manage NAT rules, and purchase additional NAT IPs. See Manage NAT for virtual datacenters